About Us


Established in 2013, we are a distributor and retailer specializing in Targus bags, luggage, computer accessories and travel products. Innoteq Apex is a official distributor of Targus bag/cases in Malaysia, promoting the product throughout Malaysia market via different channels.

Pioneered the notebook carrying case category, partnering with corporations, retailers, and OEMs, provide the best possible protection for notebook PCs.

We also have partner brands which is Arnold Palmer, Gardini, Rainer Active, Maui & Sons & Carlton. We sells wholesale to retailers and in addition, we have our own counters in major department stores in Malaysia. So come visit our counter to experience the quality of our product.


The Targus Corporation is a United States-based manufacturer of accessories mostly related to mobile computing, photography, and locks. Incorporated initially in the United Kingdom, Targus began distributing in the United States in 1988. The company became known as Targus Group International, Inc.in 1995. A truly global enterprise, Targus has 45 offices worldwide and direct distribution in over 145 countries. They’ line of products includes a variety of backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, all designed to store notebook computers and other manifestations of mobile computing.

Targus also sells through computer manufacturers to provide carrying cases for mobile computers.Targus produces a range of computer peripherals, including, USB/FireWire hubs and cables, Bluetooth accessories, replacement power cords and bricks for notebook computers, locking mechanisms for notebook computers, keyboards and mice, portable hard disk drives, optical drives and memory card readers, cooling enclosures for notebook computers, PDA accessories, and tablet PC cases. They also makes optical disc storage devices (DVD cases, CD folders, and the like).